Risk Management


Accidents happen, so we plan on them

Analyzing and understanding the potential for lose verses the cost of that lose is a critical component for any risk management plan. While it may not be very likely that your office has a fire, if it does, you could be unable to work for 6 months or more. To be blunt, without an effective risk management plan, that fire could bankrupt your company. In order to guard against that level of disaster you need a tailored insurance plan. We, at Gleason and Associates, have spent 36 years analyzing and understand the risk businesses face all the time specifically so we know where an accident can occur, and how much coverage you need.

Where we come in

A client’s insurance needs can be complicated, and many brokers fail to create effective programs to handle them. After 36 years’ experience in protecting the assets most important to our local businesses, we have acquired a thorough understanding of how many businesses operate, which enables us to tailor superior insurance programs for a business’s needs.

To be effective, an insurance program must insure a client completely without gaps, excesses or overlapping coverage. Obviously redundancy can lead to much higher premiums and cost the client thousands of dollars a year. At Gleason and Associates we make sure all that excess is cut out, providing a better program at a lower cost.